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 Our Partners
  1.  Automation Products :

    • HIRSCHMANN :Hirschmann it is a global leader and innovator in the field of Industrial Ethernet Products. Their broad product portfolio coupled with the technical specialization has products to suit most demanding industrial applications.
    • ISIC : it is a specialist manufacturer whose experienceISIC in design, development and build-to-order of ruggedized Computers and Monitors have made them a World Leader in their field.
    • RITTAL : it is a World Leading supplier RITTALof housing and enclosure systems, their products have been designed to suit most commercial and industrial applications.
    • PHOENIX CONTACT : For over 8 decades Phoenix Contact PHOENIX CONTACThas been a World Leader in electric connection and industrial automation technology.
  1.  Consumer Products :

    • BRADY : When it comes to signage and printing BRADYsolutions for most Industrial applications Brady has the solution, being a global powerhouse in this area.
    • TCL : TCL is one of the World's leading consumer TCLElectronics Manufacturer, being in the top ten globally. In Australia they specialize in TV Technology
  2.  Network communication accessories:

    •   Patch leads (Fiber & Copper).
    •   Patch panels.
    •   Fiber optic & copper cable.
    •   Racks & FOBOTS.